Tuesday, January 9, 2018

World Communion Sunday 2017

Celebrating World Communion Sunday 2017

All Saints Day 2017

All Saints Day 2017 -  Remembering Those whom have gone before us

Lent 2017, Poured Out- Ash Wednesday

Lent 2017 

The them for Lent this year was "Poured Out".
This was represented in the Elements of  Lent: Oil, Water, Wine, Tears and Blood.
Each Element was represented in a shape of a drop.

Ash Wednesday was some what of a preview of all the "Elements" for the weeks to come.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Second week of Lent - Oil 2017

This is the Second week of Lent. Our Theme is "Poured Out" and this week the element is Oil, Mary friend of Jesus anoints him with Oil.

We used the golden color of the satin fabric to symbolize the "Oil" being poured out.

  John 12: 1-11

 In the contemporary service I used paper on the back wall to illustrate the Oil being poured out.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Simple Art with a deeper meaning

Around our here it is not secret my love of coffee and from the sheer number of local coffee shops I see I'm not the only one. With more and more discussion of diversity in our communities, it started me thinking. I can use to things we care about to become art. I have to admit it was more about the possess them the end product. The possess started with a heavy cloth natural colored drop-cloth, tore it into strips.  I asked a local coffee shop for old coffee grounds and began. I took three tubs, filled them with warm water, coffee grounds and three or four strips of cloth. The color variation came from the length of time each strip was left in the tube. I wanted to speed up the process for the darker ones so I added instant coffee (I didn't stir it in) this not only added a darker color it added more color variations. 

 The colors are so varied any yet they are all made from the same cloth. Just as we are all from the same cloth and should be protect as such.

"Holy Father, protect them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one, as we are one."
                                                     John 17: 11
This is the somewhat finished project, I am wanting to add a small trig cross on the right side.

This something I saw in a retail store, that helped inspire me.
Goes to show you, you never know what will stir your creativity.

Advent 2016 - "What's in a Name?"

This year our theme for Advent was "What's in a Name?".  This was a tough one to decorate for.
Each week was a different name for Jesus.
  • Week one - Wonderful Counselor 
  • Week two- Mighty God
  • Week three-  Everlasting Father 
  • Week four- Prince of Peace

We order a digital download from https://store.illustratedchildrensministry.com
Four large Coloring pages, one for each week. We had them printed on poster board,
each one is 4 foot x 3 foot. For our Christmas day Service we put them all together.

Making large bows for the twenty three wreaths, assembly-line style.

Prayer Weaving

This Sunday we talked about intercessory prayer and wove our prayers together. Each person was given a slip of paper to write a prayer on, then during the service they came and wove them into a loom. The last few Sundays we had been about talking how, we as a church family we are a metaphorical net. That image of a net really spoke to me.                                             

The weaving our prayers together just reinforced the sense of togetherness and that our concerns and worried are not alone. 


The "looms" are nothing more than large open back wooden frames with yarn wrapped around them. Something so simple but it was made into an interactive and impacting visual.